"Farm Stream," acrylic, 25 x 20 cm

Steven Clark's paintings

Clouds feature in many of Steven's paintings because he likes to watch the clouds and the many moods of Nature.
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"Sea Cliffs," acrylic, 25 x 45 cm "Sea World," acrylic, 60 x 90 cm "Path to the Cottage," acrylic, 30 x 35 cm, unframed 

  "Clouds Over the River," acrylic, 50 x 60 cm "On the Farm," acrylic, 55 x 75 cm

  "Morning Seascape," acrylic, 45 x 60 cm  "Cloud Cottage," acrylic, 50 x 75 cm "Midnight Moon," acrylic, 30 x 60 cm "Country Scene," acrylic, 60 x 90 cm "Rangitoto from North Shore," acrylic, 30 x 40 cm, unframed "Sunset," acrylic, 60 x 90 cm

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